Television typeface project

This project made me a real graphic designer and gave me a perspective of what I should be considering when I face on building to visual projects. The project was going like to selected one kind of ‘objective’ and discovered a lot of ‘subjective’ in&outside that objective. I wanted to express ‘exaggeration&fiction‘ through the ‘television’.

Experimental graphic / Typeface / Editorial
Is that true, What you’ve been watching?

One of class in Kaywon University of Art & Design
Date: Aug 2008 --- Jun 2009

My object was television

For making a typeface using one object and I picked a television.
After disassembled whole television and found out typeface.


Story book


Honestly, I thought lots of lies have been flooding off
all of the world when I was in University. And television was
one of the messenger that conveying lies.
That opinion isn’t existing in my mind now but, I’m sure
there are other lies still now.

And television and mobile phone are just a machine
with no signification.

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