Luckit golf of kakaopay

Since kakaopay is a financial company, it is often necessary to meet a wide range of partners, from the Financial Supervisory Service to small business owners. And small gifts in the meeting enhance our brand image and strengthen our relationship.

This gift is for meeting a V.I.P partner and designed and loaded golf products to suit their lifestyle.

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Good luck to you

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Date: Jul 2019 --- Sep 2019

When he/she play in the field on a windy day, he/she expect to be able to produce good results without knowing why. Everyone expects good luck, and when they get good results, they feel twice as good.

So I made a golf kit with the meaning of luck.

Put Fortuna, the goddess of luck, in a ballmaker and pray for good luck, and a ball pouch and a four-piece golf ball make golf even better. The package is designed to make the story look like a 'constellation' of fortune and feel like a phrase from a long time ago written in the rune.
In this every detail makes a receiver feel get hope for appearing something good to happen.


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