LINE FRIENDS x inkids Theme Park in Hangzhou, China

Hangzhou is one of the beloved main cities in China. Uncountably a lot of people visit here and nearby ‘West Lake’. And LINE FRIENDS’s new indoor theme park placed here. It’s a huge building. Therefore I needed to put a lot of attractions in this theme park. Of course, this project was tricky though. But, I figured out what I have to do for people.

Space Branding / Signage 

Worked in LINE FRIENDS Corporation
Cowork : Yuri Kim
Date: Mar 2017 --- Feb 2018

1f a store

1.5f a promotion venue

New single concept showcase of ‘BEAT BROWN’  

1.5f a stair

To give a new inspiration what arriving another planet poeple pass ‘space stair’
These pictures are moving as like as say hello.

2f a cafe & town

Adorable town is started there. Separated 5 types of house
people enjoy drinks and snacks through all places.

3f a small theme park

This is new type of indoor theme park in the main city.
Play games and take a selfy even kid playground.


Space Branding & Siagnage Designed by THEO.

All rights reserved© grape brother 2019
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