LINE FRIENDS Branding Project

To emphasize the company motto of "people will a passion for stickers coming together to create wonderful character stories" as well as the unique feature that the characters began as mobile emoticons, 9 major characters were designed to be used as the core concepts of the new C.I. By utilizing basic logos, colors, fonts, and hundreds of source characters made for emoticons, possibilities for expression and expansion are left open as much as possible. From simple business cards, employee ID cards and signage to interior design, everything was created in order to display the wit and individuality of the company’s identity by applying a character best suited for each purpose. The nine different types of character business cards help to break the ice for the first meeting with a business partner, and the cute characters create a friendly and warm atmosphere, just like visiting a friend. Incorporating various experiences, LINE FRIENDS’s witty CI encourages big and small changes in work environments.

Branding / Package / Research & Planning
Give a variety fun

Worked in LINE FRIENDS Corporation
Date: 2015


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